Ethiopia-Elias Shufe


  • Elias Shufe


  • Bule, Gedeo, SNNPR, Ethiopia


  • 2000-2200m


  • Natural


  • 74110
  • 74167

Tasting Notes

  • Mandarin
  • Peach
  • White Flowers


A typical constraint among coffee farmers worldwide is a lack of information and expertise. And it’s this expertise that makes the difference between the average coffee farmer versus the successful farmer with an eye for quality. This lack of expertise is particularly prevalent in the poorer parts of the world such as Ethiopia.

For Elias Shufe, a small farmer from Bule, he found a way out. Elias Shufe joined the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU), working there and eventually becoming a Board Member. The Union assists 28 coffee cooperatives in Yirgacheffe, and one critical area of their work is farmer education. Elias Shufe found an opportunity to participate in many of the training programs and quality management programs at the Union.

He brought this newfound enlightenment back to his farm to improve the quality of his coffee. The area around Bule has always been known for high quality farming environment, being able to produce high density beans. This additional expertise and know-how have now unlocked this land’s potential.

For a Sustainable Future

  • Economic: Value Creation
  • Social: Fair Trade