• Adado Co-operative


  • Adado, Gedeo, SNNPR, Ethiopia


  • 1800-2200m


  • Washed


  • Dega
  • Wolisho

Tasting Notes

  • Lemongrass
  • Chamomile
  • Spice
  • Pomelo Skin


We came across the Adado Co-Operative during our 2020 survey of the Gedeo Zone and have been delighted with the quality of their coffees. This area has the perfect growing conditions for coffee – optimal rainfall, fertile ground with good mineral content.

The co-operative is comprised of many smallholder farmers each with less than a hectare of land.

These approximately 3000 farmer-members hand-pick the coffees, care taken to avoid picking under or over ripe cherries, and are then sold to the co-operative for processing.

At the co-operative mill, the cherries are pulped and fermented for 12-18 hours. Afterwards, the parchment is washed through grading channels and dried on African beds, where they are turned regularly. When dried to the target humidity, the parchment is bagged and rested.

Over the years, Adado has reinvested its earnings in an eco-pulper and better roads, in addition to hosting agronomy training for their member-farmers. By now, the co-operative is also certified Fairtrade FLO and Organic.

For a Sustainable Future

  • Economic: Value Creation
  • Social: Fair Trade