• Augusto Borges Ferreira


  • Serra da Mantiqueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil


  • 1200-1250m


  • Natural


  • Terra Nova - Yellow Catuai
  • Santa Clara SeHa - Red Catuai
  • Anaerobic - Red Mundo Novo
  • Nova Cultivar - Catucai 2 SL

Tasting Notes

  • Terra Nova - Sweet & balanced, Yellow fruits, Almond
  • Santa Clara SeHa - Sweet & Winey
  • Anaerobic - Sweet fermented fruits, Nuts
  • Nova Cultivar - Almond, Stonefruit, Mineral


A longstanding part of our Direct Trade Program. When we sourced this coffee, we had one goal in mind – to develop a coffee with very high sweetness and solid body.

The opportunity came during our 2016 sourcing trip, when we met Sr Ferreira, who runs a small farm in the highlands. The altitude is ideal for the latitude and soil a rich orange. An unrelenting focus on flavor intensity, 100% of the farm’s coffees are processed naturally, basking in the warm glow of Brazil’s sun.

After we pushed new ideas regarding drying and fermentation, the result is an almost honey-like sweetness and rich body. We purchased the entire batch.

With those proceeds, the farm now boasts color sorters for selection, resting tanks and a greenhouse for controlled drying. In 20178, the farm placed Seventh in the prestigious Brazil Cup of Excellence – a spectacular result for the small farm, and testament to the results we can achieve with our producers.

For a Sustainable Future

  • Environmental: Water Preservation, Forest Conservation
  • Economic: Value Creation
  • Social: Fair Trade
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