You’ll Get Incredible Coffee

Alchemy is about one simple thing: making the best possible coffee. The best coffee is fresh and is brewed perfectly. The best coffee elevates an experience, whether it arrives at the end of a three-course meal or during the heat of exam preparation. When you form a relationship with Alchemy, you will provide that moment.

We ‘ll Help You Become Experts

The coffees that leaves our roastery have been rigorously sourced and meticulously roasted, and we want to help you serve it perfectly. We offer all sorts of training, from an introduction to espresso all the way up to advanced sensory skills. We hold classes in our training center or can train in-house with a tailored education program.

We’re There From The Very Beginning

Many of our most successful partnerships come when someone calls us months or years before they plan to open. As part of our service, we can help you develop an incredible specialty coffee experience or a world class restaurant coffee program from the ground up. We offer extensive consulting and advice on design, layout, equipment, coffee program

Coffee Bean

Equipment Help

Our service team will be there for you. Espresso machines can be finicky, but you don’t have to become an expert in espresso machine mechanics because we already are.


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