Ethiopia-Desta Gola


  • Desta Gola


  • Gorbota micro-region, Wonago Woreda, Gedeo, SNNPR, Ethiopia


  • 1650-2700m


  • Washed


  • 74110

Tasting Notes

  • Apricot Jam
  • Peach
  • Jasmine


Desta Gola is a small coffee farmer with approximately 4 hectares of coffee farm in the Yirgacheffe region. Desta Gola also represents Alchemy’s step towards greater traceability and quality, as this is a single-farmer lot - distinctly different from the larger cooperative blends that comprise hundreds if not thousands of farms typically seen with cooperative and district names like Kellenso, Dumerso or Kochere.

Ripe cherries are floated and hand sorted to remove those that are less dense. The remainder is depulped, fermented for 48 hours before washing. The resulting parchment coffee is dried over 12 to 15 days under semi-covered conditions for a gentle drying, whereby the coffees are also hand sorted again to pick out any undesirables.

Since Desta Gola has begun to produce and sell his coffee in this way, he has been able to support his large family of eleven (he has nine children), including schooling and sending his eldest daughter to university to study nursing.

For a Sustainable Future

  • Economic: Value Creation
  • Social: Fair Trade