• Abera Iribe


  • Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


  • 2050m


  • Natural


  • 74110
  • 74112

Tasting Notes

  • Lemon
  • Black Tea
  • Chrysanthemums


Our second small-holder Ethiopian Naturals producer, Abera hails from the famous Yirgacheffe area. A prime area of coffee agriculture, Yirgacheffe is a particularly sought-after origin of coffee for its floral and citrus/berry flavors. The region has the ideal topography, elevation and water sources to produce and process exceptional coffees.

Often regarded as the “Birthplace of Coffee”, coffee varietals present in lots of coffee from Yirgacheffe and broader Ethiopia are not as clear cut as those in traditionally farmed origins. Instead of farmers selecting one single variety that is promoted by the government or local cooperative, there are age-old varieties that have been selected from the surrounding forests locally by choice and sometimes by chance that end up being mixed into lots that produce a unique expression of terroir. In Abera’s case, his farm is predominantly JARC varieties 74110 and 74112, hallmark varieties of the Yirgacheffe area.

Abera’s coffee is distinctly Yirgacheffe-like, with floral and citrusy notes.

For a Sustainable Future

  • Economic: Value Creation