• Fold the filter paper along the flat bottom and the edge with the seam.
  • Place the filter paper into the brewer and set the brewer on the carafe.


  • Rinse the brewer with filter paper and pour out the used water. The entire filter paper should be moist and attach closely with the brewer.


  • Pour 19g* ground coffee into the filter. 
  • Shake the brewer gently to settle the coffee in an even distribution for even extraction.

*Depends on your desired concentration.


  • Pour just enough hot water to saturate the grounds. For example, 19g ground coffee, around 30g hot water.
  • Slowly pour water in a circular motion over the coffee grounds in the filter. 
  • Rest it for 30s to allow blooming.


  • Pour hot water into the coffee grounds continuously in a spiral movement for 90-120s. 
  • The coffee should steadily drip into the carafe below the brewer.
  • Once the coffee has finished dripping out of the bottom, lift off the pour over brewer.


  • Serve the Pour Over!