• Rinse the AeroPress with hot water.
  • Place the filter paper into the filter cap and rinse them with hot water. The entire filter paper should be moist. Rinsing the filter paper to remove any papery residue so the coffee doesn’t have a woodsy taste.


  • Pour 15g* ground coffee into the chamber.
  • Shake it gently to settle the coffee in an even distribution for even extraction.

*Depends on your desired concentration.


  • Pour hot water into the main chamber, using the ratio 1:2. For example, 15g ground coffee with 36g hot water.
  • Rest it for 30s to allow blooming.


  • Continue to pour hot water with ratio 1:13 into the main chamber. For example, 15g ground coffee with 195g hot water.
  • Place filter cap with filter paper on the top of the AeroPress.
  • Rest it for 3 mins.


  • Insert plunger and press down gently. This may require more effort than you expected. Be careful not to topple the cup and AeroPress and not to get hurt by the heat.


  • After the plunger is fitted into the AeroPress body, push it gently for 30s. The goal is to use the pressure to get more out of the beans, instead of removing the water quickly.


Enjoy your AeroPress Coffee!